Corsets are definitely a trend in 2019. So COP or DROP?


Perfect for a night out, paired with high waisted jeans and some pumps, you will sure be remarkable. Many models have been seen wearing a corset as an outfit and at first people were skeptical. They kept saying that it was a piece of “lingerie” and that it shouldn’t be worn outside. Time past and people came to realize it wasn’t provocative at all and then, it became a real trend.


Corsets are available in different shapes, from a crop top to even a dress. Velvet, silk, leather you will find multiple version.


Too sexy for the world? I don’t think so, corsets are not offending anyone and here are a few examples of that.




Signer Madison Beer wearing a lace corset with a high waisted checked skirt.




Model Emily Ratajkowski wearing a corset shaped bodysuit at the Oscar. So chic and sexy!




Model Kendall Jenner wearing a black corset with some high waisted khaki pants. The look is just amazing.





Photo Credits: Instagram