New York Fashion week 2019 (NYFW 2019) has officially begun February the 7th.This organisation is one of the biggest event of the year and it gathers medias and socialites from all around the world.


During fashion week, there is always a certain item that tends to be overseen. This year, it’s not only one but a series of look that are repeating themselves. Originality is not on the list this year!


First of all, I don’t know if people have talked before all of this, but fur coat are everywhere! The trend of oversized fur jacket is not over yet, the fashion week has proven it. You can read the article about it, just little tips on how to master the style.



Photo credit : Instagram / @thefashionguitar



Also, this years people are loving prints. SO MANY PRINTS!!!! From snake to leopard, you can find the whole jungle walking down New York streets.



Photo credit : Instagram/ @imnotsorrydarling


Photo credit : Instagram / @nyfw



Finishing up with POP COLOURS. Showing off is definitely a must in NYFW 2019. The influencers want to be looked at and I can assure you that they have achieved their goals considering that you can see them from miles away!



Photo credit : Instagram/ @neonhue_



See you at fall NYFW !