Supreme is one of the most popular streetwear brand in the world right now.


Therefore, it makes sense that there’s a huge market for both new and resale products from the brand. However, a counterfeit market also exists where people try to sell Supreme replicas for actual pieces. Finding out you accidentally bought a fake can be pricey.

To prevent this from happening to you you need to check some key elements such as logo, prints, labels, drawstrings, stitching and overall quality of the piece.

Here’s our step by step legit check for different pieces.


The Supreme Hoodie


First, take a look at the logo! On Bogo hoodies, Supreme’s logo should be embroidered and feature quality stitching. Be sure to check the logo color as well. Classic red Supreme logos are both dark and rich. Many fakes are too light or dull. Also, the lettering on the logo should be matte white with space around it.



Second, verify the labels. It might be the easiest way to tell if a Supreme piece is legit. On hoodies, check that the word ‘Supreme’ is straight, neat and takes up the entire lower space of the tag. In addition, the smaller ‘Made in’ tag should come down to the ‘E’ of ‘Supreme.’ On many fakes, it finishes higher or lower.



Third, inspect the drawstrings. Supreme uses flat drawstrings on all its hoodies. Therefore, if the drawstrings on the hoodie you’re looking at are round it is probably a fake.



Fourth, look at the quality of  the materials. Supreme only uses high-quality materials to make its hoodies, which feature warm and soft fleece interiors. On fakes, this level of quality is often missing, meaning that the hoodies feel much rougher.


The Supreme T-shirt


First, look at the stitching. On the neck tag, real Supreme tees feature a single stitch running down each of the two edges. A fake, however, typically has a double.



Second, verify the MADE IN U.S.A. On the front of this label, it should say ‘Made in U.S.A.’ with a dot after each letter. If these dots are missing, the item is likely a fake. For t-shirts made before 2000, the tag will differ from current styles. To check if it is real, look at the size and color. The label should be Supreme red with the brand name on the front. On the back, there should be the size as well as the letters ‘U.S.A.’



Third, take a look at the graphic (if graphic Tee). These T-shirts always features high-quality material and prints. You can try comparing it to images of the real thing to see whether there are any differences.



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