During the last couple of weeks, luxury brands have presented their menswear fashion show for spring/summer 2020.


Among others, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Lanvin, Vetements and Balmain presented their extravagance and bold designs.

You must understand that most pieces showcased on the runway won’t see a general release, because few people would wear them in real life. But, creating audacious pieces is still a good way for companies to introduce the upcoming trends as well as to defend their creativity and notoriety.

That being said, fashion show clothes are an incredible material to have some fun. So, we decided to pick the most daring pieces of the different runways and create funny memes about them. Please note that our purpose wasn’t to offend anyone and that our jokes are about clothes and not about people.

Have fun


Hilarious memes – Menswear SS20 fashion shows


#1 Dunhill

We all know a friend who showed up to prom dressed like that! ?

Meme about Dunhill Fashion Show


#2 Lanvin

It must be the best outfit to find Nemo ?

Meme about Lanvin fashion show


#3 Hermès

Pajama party level over 9000 ⚡️

Meme about Hermes fashion show


#4 Vetements

No leg day, every day ??

Meme about vetement fashion show


#5 Louis Vuitton

You can be anything you want to be ?



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