Shortly after releasing a second AirPods case design, Dior keeps the ball rolling with a third iteration. This time, the accessory comes with a luxurious fuchsia calfskin construction. Here’s a complete look and where to buy the high-end accessory.

Dior Fuchsia Airpods Case

The trend of high-end AirPods cases is going at full speed! Luxury brands have jumped on the opportunity to create a new type of accessory and consumers are loving it.

Recently, we’ve seen the release of a Prada AirPods Case, a Gucci AirPods Case a Louis Vuitton AirPods Case and a Saint-Laurent AirPods case.

To keep up with the emerging trend, Dior just released its third iteration of the luxury accessory.

The brand’s latest offering comes in luxurious fuchsia grained calfskin material embossed with a “Dior” signature on the front. A ruthenium-finish carabiner link and split ring can be attached to a bag or belt for easy access. Both elements feature a “Dior” brass engraving.

Take a closer look at the Dior Fuchsia Calfskin Airpods Case in the gallery just below.

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Dior’s Previous AirPods Case

As we said before, Dior has already released two earphone cases. The first iterations are unfortunately “Out of Stock” on the brand’s online store, but you can still find them on resale sites like Grailed and Stockx.

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Buy the Dior Fuchsia Airpods Case

The Dior Fuchsia Airpods Case is currently available on Dior’s web store for $380 USD. Grab yours today, the item will sell out fast!

The two first AirPods case iterations of the brand were respectively priced at $350 USD and at $400, which places them among the cheapest Dior accessories. If you want to rock a luxury accessory without spending a fortune, earphone cases are definitely a good option.

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