Zara’s most popular articles. Whether you own them or simply want them, you will probably recognize them.


Winter 2012″

Buffalo leather plaited shopper bag



This bag was everywhere in 2012! It came in several colours like bronze and navy, but black was the most popular!



Winter 2012″

Jewel Ballerina



These ballerinas were the best for your evening parties. Remember the gold version?


“Summer 2012”

Basic colour blocks sandals



What a good year for Zara in 2012! 2012’s colours were pink and red. ”


“Summer 2012”

Mini Skirt



Was it a skirt? Were they shorts? No one really knew, but it sure sold.



Winter 2013″

Studded sleeves coat



So many girls worn this one in 2013. I’m sure one of your friends had it. And you, of course! Navy was the most popular.



“Summer 2013”

Neon box clutches



Remember when neon was literally everywhere in 2013. Eye-popping orange and pink were available but yellow was the real winner. If you have it, go get it. Neon is coming back in 2019!



“Summer 2014”

Light-Blue zip coat



One must have for summer 2014.



“Summer 2016”

Slider sandals



The best accessory for a good pool party.



“Summer 2016”

Off shoulder top



Pretty much the top that started the off-the-shoulder trend. In the summer of 2016, I’m sure you had yours? Don’t lie.



“Autumn 2016”

Sideband Trousers



This one you’ll recognize! We had seen it the first time after 2016’s fashion week it became literally THE trouser to be seen in.


We hope it brought back good memories!



Photo Credits: Pinterest/Zara