If you did not know, in October 2018, Off-White was named the most popular brand in the world. However, they did not maintain their title for long…

Gucci just took their crown back… again!

To give you an idea of the magnitude behind Gucci’s hype, there have been 6 million browser researches for Gucci bag, belt or shoe between October and December 2018. Two products really stood out. Can you guess which?

#1 The ”Soho Disco bag”

Photo Credit: extrapetite.com

Its logo is big enough for people to notice, but not too intense… WE LOVE IT! The handbag which is worth $ 1415 CAD is available in three colours: beige, red and black.

#2 The ”GG belt”

Photo Credit: miamiamine.com

Again, you can easily tell that this belt is from Gucci… It is obvious, but the fine logo shape makes it super classy and more discrete than their inverted G collection. Plus, you have plenty of colour choices. It is available on Gucci’s website for $ 540 CAD.

Will Gucci pursue its reign?