The NFL 2019 draft is finally here!


Last Thursday the NFL drafts began. For the lucky ones, it was a moment to step in the spotlight as professional players. Before they were drafted, players walked Nashville’s red carpet in amazing styles. Once again, it proved to us that professional players are becoming more and more like movie stars.

Rapper Swae Lee was there to talk to the next class of football elite.


Kyler Murray

Draft: The quarterback, who played with the Oklahoma Sooners, was selected first overall by the Cardinals.

Style:  He sported a pair of custom Nike kicks

Perry Knotts/NFL
Zachary Boisjoly
Zachary Boisjoly


Christian Wilkins

Draft: He was a defensive tackle at Clemson University, he got drafted by the Miami Dolphins

Style: He paid homage to his Clemson University defensive line who called themselves the Power Rangers by rocking a White Power Ranger-inspired suit

Logan Bowles/NFL
Zachary Boisjoly
Zachary Boisjoly


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