Hemp Fibers

“We have sad news everyone, our shoe is not for smoking”


Hemp is actually the “sober cousin” of marijuana. It has a minimal amount of psychoactive components, and for that reason, it is legal everywhere in the world. The team has traveled across Europe, China, and the US with the sneaker, and all they got is a bunch of excited security officers wanting to take a picture of it.

Did you know hemp is so strong Henry Ford once built a car with it? It was 10x stronger than steel. Ford was so confident on the strength of the panel that he took an axe to hit the car. The tool, that would have cut through steel, simply bounced back.


The Quotes

“When we first started DopeKicks we had one vision in mind, to build the coolest, eco-friendly, super resistant and waterproof shoes and still make it accessible to everyone.” – DopeKicks

“We wanted to outperform all the other shoes in every category, and that is exactly what we have done.” – DopeKicks

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