While you may not see a lot of people wearing Techwear outfits on the street yet, the popularity of this style in recent fashion week events tells us that it will be coming soon.

What’s interesting about Techwear is that it goes beyond being a simple type of clothing. In fact, it literally is a movement of Hypebeasts who want to break social stereotypes in fashion.

It is by dressing like no one else that you provoke reactions. And these reactions, whether they are positive or negative, might ultimately change the way things are.

In case you’re not familiar with what Techwear is, we invite you to take a look at ourultimate Techwear fashion guide. To make it simple, let say that it is an exaggerated street style that could be described as cyberpunk Japanese streetwear.

Without further ado, here are the best Techwear outfits seen at various fashion weeks of 2019.

Seoul Fashion Week Techwear outfits

As you can imagine, there were a lot of cyberpunk styles at Seoul fashion week. In fact, South Korea’s streetwear culture as a lot of similarities with the one in Japan. Thus, Techwear is becoming more and more popular in Korea too.

Typical Techwear outfit in black and white.

Women’s cyberpunk outfit with oversized jacket.

Beige street style featuring a face mask.

The man at the right extremity wears an urban Techwear outfit featuring a face mask, a utility bag and cargo pants.

Oversized white jacket, beige utility pants and Balenciaga triple S sneakers. She rocket her street style outfit!

Black is the key when it comes to Techwear outfits.

Over-accessorizing is also part of the style. You can never have too many bags.

This Stone Island jacket is completely stunning!

Neon green and black shirt with mischief fanny pack.

Nike undercover sneakers with Prada utility pants.

Techwear pants with straps and Y-3 Belt.

Here were the best Techwear outfits at Seoul Fashion Week 2019. We hope some of them inspired you, because this trend is coming wether you like it or not!