At first glance, one might think that style is important on Tinder. And it wouldn’t be a bad assumption considering the numerous articles and experiment giving tips and tricks on how to use style to impress women.

However, you shouldn’t believe everything there is on the internet. Of course, it is highly possible that the way you dress affects the first impression you make with women. That being said, it is almost impossible that style is the only factor considered. As a matter of fact, we don’t even know if it is one of the most important factors.

With all those uncertainties, we decided to conduct our own Tinder Experiment to see for ourselves how style affects the number of “matches” you can get. We had a lot of fun doing it!

1. Research

We searched the internet to find tips to better perform on tinder. Almost instantly, we came across an article entitled Tinder Test: Can You Dress Your Way to a Date?

Honestly, the website was impressive. Well designed, with nice graphics and social references (if you don’t believe us, see for yourself by clicking the link above). The “case study” was conducted by Psyche, a huge UK luxury retailer with a pretty good reputation.

In other words, it had everything to convince anyone not too skeptical.

Their Tinder experiment highlighted different results proving that by dressing better, you can increase your performance on dating apps.

Here are the two most relevant:

  • Being well dressed on Tinder can increase your chances of matches by 450%
  • Dressing well automatically makes you look more successful, sexier and more intelligent too.

Still skeptical, we went on tinder’s official blog looking for proof! And we found… NOTHING.

That’s when we decided to conduct our own Tinder experiment.

2. Our Tinder Experiment

Just for fun, our team decided to test if clothes really make a difference when it comes to online dating.

To do this without being biased, we had to compare two Tinder profiles whose only difference was the clothes. This means that the quality of the photos, the description, the age range, and the maximum distance had to be the same.

With that in mind, we decided to compare two completely different styles. One that was actually stylish and trendy, while the other was completely outdated and even funny.

The first one was made of Hypebeast designer clothes and the second one was made of second-hand clothes we bought at a thrift store. We named the latest “The Wannabe Gangster Style”. Not that we have anything against this style or that we wanted to make fun of someone, but just because we thought it was funny. Our experiment, our style choice!

Then, one of our in-house professional photographers took high quality pictures for both profiles.

Here are the results:

Comparing two “Business Casual” styles
Comparing two “Street Style” outfits

We also tested two other pictures that you can see in our video. Trust us, you don’t want to miss them!

Then, we created two distinct Tinder profiles using the same description. Again, we chose to write something funny:

Really passionate about fashion and style. 18 y/o self made entrepreneur that travels the world. #gangstersinceday1 – Billy Sanchez

Once the profiles were created, we “swiped” for a whole week. Every day, we had to do so until we reached the limit offered for a basic account. That way, we knew we had the same number of swipes for both accounts.

To measure if matches were actually made on purpose, we had to start a conversation every time and measure if we would get answers. Then, we would keep the conversation rolling for as long as possible.

3. Results

After a week, hundreds of swipes, and a couple of icebreakers we compared how many matches and conversations each account gained.

The first account, which was the well-dressed one, received a total of 28 matches and had 10 ongoing conversations.

The second account, which was the “wannabe gangster” one, received a total of 8 matches with no ongoing conversations. This means that out of 8 girls that swiped the account, no one was willing to have a conversation. This led us to believe that these matches were probably made by mistake.

So, if we crunch our numbers, we can affirm that being well dressed on Tinder can increase your chances of matches by 350%, which isn’t far from the first study we tested.

4. Conclusion of our Tinder Experiment

Our experiment wasn’t 100% unbiased. In fact, one profile looked way wealthier than the other and this could’ve affected the results.

However, we still think that style has a huge impact on how you perform on online dating apps.

If we had only one advice to tell you, take the time to build a nice profile with good looking outfits and high quality pictures. It might take you longer to start swiping, but it’s worth it.

If you want to know more about the subject, here are 5 advice to create a perfect dating outfit.