Recycling of Clothing in Stores


Zara will also go further in the field of recycling. After installing clothing depots in more than 800 stores around the world, Inditex has collected more than 34,000 tons of used clothing since 2015.


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More? The brand has committed to zero waste in landfills from facilities and 80 % renewable energy consumption by 2025 as well. Other brands have also recently announced its green initiative. These include Uniqlo who plans to reduce its plastic usage by 85 % which is  7,800 tons worldwide by the end of 2020. Burberry has also revealed its plans to be carbon neutral by 2022.

Similarly, Zara will begin to remove the disposable plastic supplied to its customers. The company has already started reusing recycled cardboard cartons up to six times. Indeed, Zara uses recycled plastics internally and started working on a way to recycle hangers.


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